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WizitUp Web

The WizitUp web application can be accessed through a browser on any device. With it, students will have home access to online learning through the internet, for their NECO, WAEC and JAMB examination. This way, students have time for individual comprehension of those complex topics they saw during their lessons or read on their textbook. Along with computer based test (CBT), parents, and guardian can connect with them to provide support and monitor their activities online.
The WizitUp web interface has a communication channel that fosters group work, social and private messaging to participants.

WizitUp Web

WizitUp Corporate LMS

Wizitup Corporate LMS provides Corporate organizations and trainers with a robust LMS for their trainings and e-learning needs.

WizitUp Corporate LMS was designed and developed to offer trainers an opportunity to host their training contents online and reach as many students as possible.

WizitUp Corporate LMS is easy to use and install. All that is needed is to subscribe for the service. Contact us to set you up online.

WizitUp Web

WizitUp in-classroom

As the knowledge of the modern world grows rapidly, the tools at our disposal must become continually renewed to connect with today students. Today, it is no longer enough for teachers to transfer their own acquired knowledge the traditional way to the students,they must keep up with technological developments and must utilize digital tools for their own benefit. With technology, teachers will retain their roles in the classroom through smart adoption of digital tools and continue to be the coach and mentor of today’s students.
WizitUp In-classroom enriches teacher’s presentation with the use of versatile illustrations, animations, simulation and well written textbooks options. The built-in contents are grouped within the application according to subjects and topics.

WizitUp Web

WizitUp SIAS

The WizitUp SIAS, is a unique software that combines learning management and school management system in one platform. It consists of Administrative, Academic, Learning Management System (LMS), Forum and Messaging platforms.

The SIAS Software is easy to set up and does not require complex installations or computing experience. It can be set up online or locally within the school environment and users can access the platform without the internet in the school environment. It simplifies school management and administration.

WizitUp Web

WizitUp Learn-on-the-go (Student Tablet)

The LOTG is a tablet preloaded with contents for Primary and Secondary Schools. Students can achieve self-learning with our tablets without using the Internet. Contents are developed with the Nigerian, British and American curricula, so students can relate to those taught in classrooms by their teachers and cover their examination syllabi easily.

Contents preloaded include Videos of lessons covered by renowned tutors, cartoons and animations, educational games designed to cover the topics, Question banks and smart notes.

Parental control features are available so Parents can manage and limit exposure of kids to the internet; especially for Primary and Junior Secondary students.

WizitUp Learn-on-the-go (Student Tablet)
WizitUp Web

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